"Private Use" IP addresses: - - -
"Autoconfiguration" IP Addresses: -

Addresses in the range to are used automatically by some PCs and Macs when they are configured to use IP, do not have a static IP Address assigned, and are unable to obtain an IP address using DHCP.
"Loopback" IP addresses: -

Each computer on the Internet uses to identify itself, to itself. to is earmarked for what is called "loopback". This construct allows a computer to establish/validate its IP stack. Most software only uses for loopback purposes (the other addresses in this range are seldom used). All of the addresses within the loopback address are treated with the same levels of restriction in Internet routing, so it is difficult to use any other addresses within this block for anything other than node specific applications, generally bootstraping. This is documented in RFC 3330.
Multicast IP addresses: -

Addresses in the range to are set aside for the special purpose of providing multicast services in the Internet. (Multicast services allow a computer to send a single message to many destinations.) Various addresses in this range are used by routers and others are used by hosts that are listening to multicast sessions.

(224.0.0/24) Local Network Control Block
AddressProtocolReferences address (reserved) All Hosts multicast group addresses all hosts on the same network segment. All Routers multicast group addresses all routers on the same network segment. DVMRP, Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol. OSPF, Open Shortest Patd First Routing Protocol (all routers). OSPF, Open Shortest Patd First Routing Protocol (designated routers). ST, Internet Stream Protocol (routers). ST, Internet Stream Protocol (hosts). RIP, Routing Information Protocol version 2., Enhanced IGRP.
IGRP, Interior Gateway Routing Protocol. server / relay agent. PIM, Protocol Independent Multicast. CBT, Core Based Trees. VRRP, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol., IS-IS over IP, IS-IS over IP Systems, IS-IS over IP IGMP, Internet Group Management Protocol, Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) Version 3 4973 MPP Hello. Control. Announcement.
- MC CH. 4286
-, Multicast DNS. Multicast Name Resolution.RFC 4795 Teredo Experiment.RFC 4727  

(224.0.1/24) Internetwork Control Block
AddressProtocol VMTP Managers. NTP, Network Time Protocol. Horizons - Aviator., Name Service Server. - Audio News Multicast. NIS+ Information Service. MTP, Multicast Transport Protocol. private experiment. on MOSPF. DCAP servers. DCAP clients. [RFC2730]. DGPS Data Feed.

(239.255.255/24) Internetwork Control Block, Simple Service Discovery Protocol.


[RFC 1112] Host Extensions for IP Multicasting.

  • STD: 5.

[RFC 3918] Metodology for IP Multicast Benchmarking.